Welcome to Keith Hillsden Art

Keith Hillsden is an artist who creates work covering landscapes, seascapes, portraits and animals using pastels and mixed media. To Keith, art is entertainment: to be able to touch the work, as well as to interact with the work is important. His works are based on inspiring situations: visions that reflect serene contemplation, combined with subtle details of odd or eccentric elements. His mixed media artworks establish a link between the paintings reality and that imagined by its conceiver.

Keith is a member of The White Rose Artists, which are a group of artists living and working in Yorkshire. Our art takes on many genres, including oils, acrylics, watercolours, pencil, pastels, collage and digital art, from landscapes to evocative abstracts, animals and flowers and traditional and contemporary pieces. Come along to the Valley Gardens Harrogate for a welcome chat.

Upcoming Markets/Fairs where you can purchase my Art

There are no upcoming events at this time.